The owner/chef and staff of Kikuichi are committed to serving home-made cuisine made with the finest, freshest and safest ingredients, and providing customers with scrupulous service.

Committed to Quality & Service

Kikuichi wants to be the kind of restaurant that people who visit once will want to visit again, next time bringing their families or loved ones.

Committed to Serving the Freshest Chicken

Kikuichi serves tender chicken from Awaji Island and free-range chicken from Tamba, delivered to our store and prepared fresh every day, sliced and skewered one by one by hand, and slow-grilled over premium Binchotan hardwood coals that generate high-quality far-infrared rays.

Committed to Serving Organic Vegetables

In a small field in Kobe’s mountainous Arima district, we grow our own vegetables organically, harvesting seasonal delights for use in all manner of dishes.

Committed to Using Premium Hardwood Charcoal

We grill over Binchotan, Japan’s traditional oak charcoal known as the finest for grilling. It produces a strong flame that cooks evenly for a crispy outside and juicy, mouthwatering inside.

Committed to Preparing from Scratch

The citrus-based Ponzu sauce we add to dishes such as fried chicken and rice porridge is our own creation, made here by hand with all-natural ingredients and available for sale as well.